PID controled Heli-Robot (2011)

Another old weekend project, started out at control systems design class of NTUA, where I saw a robot like this, but more complicated with three DOFs. I was fascinated, so I said, I want to have one too! Or maybe even better, make one! So I spent all three days in a row to build it. Luckily, I already had an arduino board, therefore I had only to buy an L293D chip to control the motor. The rest of the parts are mostly junk. So, here it is.

helirobot1 helirobot2


4 thoughts on “PID controled Heli-Robot (2011)

    • Hello!
      I used a typical low friction potentiometer. Got them for 5euros.
      I searched through some backup files. I *think* this is the working code:

      This is a very simple project. Could be implemented a lot better I guess. I also later found out that the GLCD screen was introducing some noise to the potentiometer input signal somehow, thus messing with Derivative term of the PID controller. Removing it, made it work a lot better. You would probably have to play with the p i d gains a bit to make it work better.

      In case you are interested in a more advanced version of such a robot take a look here:
      There are more data for the hardware used to build it, and some more code. The report including the code is in Greek though.

      In case something doesn’t work, or you have no prior experience with pid, let me now, if I can help you!

      Cheers!!! 🙂


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